Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Runescape Review

  This MMORPG is one that definitely keeps you busy. With over 20 Skills and thousands of levels the game can really eat up some spare time. This game is one that I personally have played for hours upon hours even since I was younger. While some are turned away by the games grinding aspects, others like myself enjoy the act of becoming better over long periods of time. Thousands of people play Runescape so you'll likely never be alone, and find a guild in no time.

  The main feature of Runescape is the social ability, you can meet up and barter at the world renowned Grand Exchange, or just sell privately from your own special mercantile local. Perhaps after the dealing is done you can head to the house parties and spend some money and have some fun. Maybe you prefer a hunt to relax? Relaxation and profit, why not? you can hunt just about anything anywhere. Could you be a cold blooded killer? this game has plenty of PVP for you, anything from the dueling arena to the clanwars, or even special PVP worlds. If you're more of the calm type, a life of woodcutting, fishing, mining, crafting, fletching and many more skills can keep even the peaceful busy, free of fear of murder. 

  The possibilitys really are endless with what you can do, wanna throw logs on a fire and make a huge bonfire? you can do it. Gather together a group of able adventurers and go after perilous foes such as the King Black Dragon, The Kalphite Royals, or even venture into the depths of the tzhaar and face one of the hardest bosses in the game jad. Feeli ng really lucky? go after the monster with the rarest millions of dollars drops, the Corporal Beast, but be weary,  many a souls never come back from his lair.

  Overall I really find this game to be a good game for the hardcore players, and the more casual ones. it provides enough work and challenge to be difficult and appealing to a more hardcore-esq audience but also is easy enough and simple enough to draw in those people who may only play in their leisure time.

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