Monday, April 21, 2014

Leauge of Legends

Leauge of Legends, a top down 2.5d Isometric MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) MMO game, with hundreds of champions to choose from, the game can be interesting to play. Initially I'd like to warn you that this game can be very anger inducing so beware. Honestly while the idea of the game is fun, the way riot has handled the game has been poor. Riot Games seems to be more interested in pumping out champions than actually improving the game. Out for almost 5 years, Leauge of Legends has became the number one MOBA game to date internationally. But issues with servers, more interest in profit than improving it, the game has been the ticking time bomb Riot can only seems to make the fuse longer too. Horrid matchmaking, unbalanced champions and a horrible community are what ruins this game. That all being said, the game is still enjoyable to me, atleast personnally as a good "once in a while" game. Once I was very addicted to Leauge, but now i'm playing more casually and it's done wonders for my blood pressure.

Cinematic Trailer

Welcome to League of Legends

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